Back To School Promotion and Marketing Ideas:

A back to school promotion can be an effective technique for retails stores, salons, and spa's to attract new clients because it's on many parents, college students, high school students, and teachers minds.

school back packs

One way to implement your back to school marketing strategy is to simply have a 'Back To School' offer which you can promote to your clients:

  • Use in-store signage
  • Train employees to offer it
  • Send a letter or postcard to your list
  • Send an email to your list
  • Send a text message to your list
  • Put the promotion on your website
  • Facebook your promotion on your Fan Page
  • Tweet it!

You can also rent a direct mail list and send a letter or postcard to people within a 5-10 mile radius (or more) of your salon, and use pay per click advertising on Google to drive traffic to your website.

These are all very good ways to get people interested in your back to school promotion. But here's how to make it better...

If you have been a subscriber of mine for some time then you have probably received an email from me about one of the cardinal sins in marketing: being boring! Boring 'Me Too' marketing gets thrown in the trash or deleted. But fun, engaging marketing pieces get used and passed around...

If you want your back to school marketing strategy to have the most impact and attract more new business then you have to make it different than all the other 'Me Too' marketing out there. And there are many fun and interesting ways of accomplishing this...

back to school postcardWe recently did a promotion using my 4 year old son as the image on a postcard to grab readers attention (along with a headline) which worked well for us.

But that's not all. The postcard was written by my son in a crayon-like handwriting, asking the read to come to the salon for our back to school promotion.

The writing sounds like it was written by a child. For example, instead of the word 'This' we used 'Dis' because that is how my son says the word.

In addition we sent an email using the same kind of language a child uses.

It was fun for our whole family, and clients loved it!

If you don't have a son or daughter you can barrow a niece, nephew, cousin, or even a neighbors kid.

The Key: Make sure your ad copy (what the child says in this case) gives a reason why they are contacting your clients and why they should come to your salon or spa. Don't simply put a picture of a child on your postcard or marketing piece and put a back to school promotional message on it. Engage the reader and have fun with it!

I know there are some neigh-sayer's out there. I get an email from them once it a while. They'll say something like, "That is so unprofessional. My clients wouldn't respond to something like that." And they would be so very very wrong.