Spa and Salon Facebook Marketing Guide!

Salon Facebook marketing is another opportunity to attract new clients. Facebook has about 500 million users, and your customers and prospects are on there right now sharing pictures, recommending products, and finding deals on local businesses...

You should be visible and active on Facebook so that your clients and potential customers see who you are, get a feel for what you do, and go to your salon and not your competitions salon or spa.

Facebook marketing requires time and effort to implement and systematize, but it's well worth it.

First, you need to have a Facebook Fan Page for your business. The way to do this is to get a personal page first, and then create a fan page. You can't create a fan page at this time without having a personal page.

Then, after you get 25 'Fans' or 'Likes' of your fan page, get a custom URL for your Fan Page. In other words, you go from an ugly link that nobody remembers like this...!/pages/Great-Salon-Fan-Page/300954305978?ref=ts

You Get This:

It's easy to get 25 'Likes'. Just ask your current Facebook friends to 'Like' your fan page! And then go there to get your custom URL.

Play around with your fan page by:

  • Posting interesting and information, pictures, and videos.
  • 'Like' other pages and comment on them.
  • Interact with your clients and friends through your fan page: tag pictures, post comments, etc.
  • Post your special offers and deals once per week or once per month.
  • Run a fun contest.

Side Bar: Facebook is more like a cocktail party than it is a business meeting. Keep that in mind as you build your Facebook presence and business image.

The next thing you should do is begin a targeted advertising campaign using Facebook advertising:
  • Be sure you target the right demographic, geographic area, and likes and interested.
  • Test different ads and different sets of demographics.
  • Test sending traffic to your fan page and your website.

Hey we are just getting started!

Next create a Check In deal and promote it. The Facebook Check In program is really catching on, so jump in feet first.

Facebook is not the easiest site to navigate, and as hard as it is for business owners to navigate and figure out how the whole 'Facebook Thing' works, it's even more frustrating putting it all together. But once you get the hang of it, and you start seeing results it's very rewarding.

Like I said before, we are only just getting started. But I want to encourage you to stay with it and be consistent using Facebook.

Don't just create a Fan page and post an offer or an article once in a while. Create a plan and take action on it...

I am creating a sample Facebook marketing plan as we speak so be sure you are on our list so you can get access to it!