Hair Stylist Marketing Ideas!

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10 Hair Stylist Marketing Ideas...

If you want to take your salon business to the next level, these hair stylist marketing ideas will get you started.

Side Bar: Whether you are a beauty salon owner, tanning salon owner, nail salon technician, or a spa owner, you can use these Hair Stylist ideas as well...

Your image is important to your beauty salon business. This image incorporates both the inside and outside of your salon. Your logo and slogan should define your business and set you apart from your competition. For example, if your salon offers hair stylists that have been trained by the best in their field your slogan could indicate that.

When you are creating your slogan and logo, think about what colors you should use and why you chose those colors. In fact, before you choose any color make sure you understand the voice of each color. Decide what your logo should tell people, and finally use your slogan to set you apart from your competition.

Business cards that stand out, and aren't just another business card, are just one of the many hair stylist marketing ideas you should incorporate. For example, make them larger, or attach something to them so that they get noticed. Even replace your card with a magnet. Lets look at a few more.

  1. Have the products you sell branded for your salon including your logo and slogan.
  2. Offer your clients a free product sample.
  3. Offer your clients a free treatment such as a free cut if they have highlights done.
  4. Offer a free product if the client spends a specific amount of money. If you offer nail services or tanning services in your salon you can give one of these.
  5. Hold a hair stylist day at the local nursing home.
  6. Offer your services free for local fashion shows or charity events.
  7. Learn to use social marketing to your advantage.
  8. Learn to use social networking online to promote your business and your hair stylists.
  9. Build a website and on that website offer tips for hair care, coloring hair, highlights, etc. Provide each of your stylists with space that promotes their particular skill set.
  10. Promote repeat business by offering repeat clients something free.

Hair stylist marketing ideas should go further than just using advertising. You should create product lines unique to your salon. Also, consider providing your clients with a unique experience when it comes to having their hair done. That might include a glass of wine, a coffee bar, or perhaps a complimentary facial. Use your imagination and remember you want to stand out from the competition. Whatever they can do, you can do better and more uniquely.

Its likely that your hair stylists each have a set of general skills and then specialized skills. For example, perhaps one hair stylist specializes in coloring, while another might specialize in up-dos. Promote them in their area of expertise to build a solid clientele.

There you have it. The start to some great hair stylist marketing ideas, but dont stop there. Build on what your salon has to offer using every available resource. That includes business cards, brochures, print ads, promotional material, websites, forums, social networks, and the list goes on. Be a perceptive marketer and grow your revenue!

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