6 Local Internet Marketing Mini Systems Every Salon and Spa Must Have In Place Now!

Local Internet Marketing: Attracting New Clientele Faster Than Ever!

In the 4 Mini Marketing Systems article I revealed the 4 mini systems that are responsible for more than doubling our sales in the first year.

None of them have to do with advertising for new clients. It's all about increasing the lifetime value of a client...if you are not familiar with that term or what my 4 mini marketing systems are please go back and watch the video now. You'll be glad you did.

OK. Are you finished with the video? Now take action on each of them and watch as your profits and referrals increase over the coming months and years.

With these crucial systems in place your average new customer that you generate from your marketing efforts will spend more money and refer more business, and be enthusiastic about it.

How To Get New Clients In The Door Instantly!

More and more people are using the Internet and their mobile phones to find local businesses. And if you are not taking advantage of this you are missing out on lots of potential new business.

Although the Yellow Pages, coupon advertising, and other offline marketing mediums are still a viable source of new business, the Internet and mobile phone opportunities are a place to focus a lot of energy on because that is where people are starting their search for local businesses.

SIDE BAR: In A few weeks I'll cover the Offline Marketing Opportunities You Should Be Using -- At Least Half You Haven't Heard Of or Tried! And I'll Show You Had To Succeed With Each And Every One Of Them!

We have seen a large increase in mobile phone web browsing traffic to our site alone. And web traffic is increasing as well. With that said, we have been and continue to be on the cutting edge of these advertising opportunities.

Here are 6 Local Internet Marketing Mini Systems You Must Have In Place Today:

The first tool I am not going to count in the '6 mini systems' because it's a total no-brainer at this point: A website (optimized for local and national search results, both paid and free) that is totally geared toward getting a prospective client to call, come to the salon, or sign up for a free widget: a coupon, report, gift etc.

A mobile version of your website: All regular websites look terrible on a mobile phone. And since this is become THE way to find local businesses you can't afford not to have a mobile version of your website. And Google is spending Billions in the mobile search arena. They are building a mobile phone search engine. So if your site is not ready to ride that wave you are going to miss the boat. We can create one for just $217 plus $14.97 per month hosting...

Facebook Fan Page: Facebook has over 300 Million users. You must have a Fan Page and you must be active on Facebook so that prospective clients find you through their friends and get on your list or buy stuff from your salon. Once you have a Fan Page you need to get at least 25 Fans (in other words get 25 people to 'Like' your Fan Page) so that you can get a Unique Facebook Fan Page URL.

So instead of using this as a link:


You Get This:


Attention: This is not how you should name your unique url for your Fan Page. I am only using this as an example.

Facebook Advertising You can place ad on Facebook that targets people that have interests in the services of your salon and spa. It's is effective. Test directing the traffic to your Fan Page as well as a link to your Website.

Google Local Business Center: Make sure you business is properly optimized and confirmed in the Google Local Business Center. Upload pictures and video, and list everything you offer. The more details you put in their the better you'll rank in the Google Local listings (and it's the best real estate on the page).

Google Adwords: Google's pay per click program is a must since over 80% of all searches come from Google. Even if you are listed in the Google Local Business Center, you need to advertise on Google Adwords locally as well. You need to maximize your exposure in order to get that 'click'.

Email List Building Software: Your list is where you make your money. Every Mini System above should be geared around building your email list, text message marketing list, and your direct mail list. Send out special offers to your list regularly. If you don't have an email list you absolutely must start now. It's low cost and the return on profits is exceptional.

For example, if someone lands on your Facebook Fan Page you should make it very obvious that you want them on your list, and that you will reward them for doing so. If you have a Fan Page built properly you can have a welcome page set up that does this for you.

Those are 6 mini online local internet marketing systems you should have in place. Get them up and running, and build your list. Your list is where the money is made. And the 4 Mini Marketing Systems you put in place will turn regular clients into enthusiastic check writing, credit card charging, referral crazy FANS of your business!

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