A Million Dollar Salon Marketing Technique!

Brian MaroevichHere is a simple but effective 'Million Dollar' salon marketing strategy that really makes an impact and increases your sales:

Target business owners and sales professionals...

Business owners and sales pro's need to look good and feel good in order to be productive.

Many business owners have sales people they need to keep 'fresh' and motivated.

Target these business owners by renting a list or manually finding out their addresses and send them an 'Impactful' letter with a killer offer!

One very simple but powerful way to make an impact is to attach a 'Grabber' to your letter. A grabber can be anything from a band-aid or piece of bubble gum, to a promotional item like a pen or even 'money'.

When they open the letter they are 'Grabbed' by this device and therefore drawn into your letter.

This will boost your response.

One 'Grabber' I like to use are 'Million Dollar Bills'...

They really stand out, and they are inexpensive compared to other 'Grabbers'.

Attach Million Dollar Bill to the top of a letter and send it to business owners and/or sales professionals in your area with a headline that says:

million dollar bill

'Do You Want To Look and Feel
Like A Million Bucks?'

Dear Name,

As you can see I've attached a genuine looking Million Dollar Bill to the top of this letter. I've done this for two reasons:

1. What I have to say is very important, and I wanted to make sure I got your attention, and,

2. My unique hair (spa) treatments are so effective that business owners and sales professionals swear it makes them feel like a Million Bucks when they go into a sales call, meeting, or appointment!

My name is Your Name, and I own Name Of Salon just down the street from you.

As you know, having a happy and confident staff does wonders for your bottom line.

Some clients tell me that after they receive just one hair/spa treatment they feel like they are walking on air and could conquer the world! Seriously, here's what Name of Customer says:

'killer testimonial that verifies your claim'.

I want like to invite you and your staff for a 'Day At The _________' to help them recharge.

Here's what you and your staff will receive during your Day At The ____________:

- bullet points

You are probably wondering how much something like this will cost? Normally all of these services would cost $595 per person at a discounted group rate...

But since this will be your first visit, and since it's probably your staffs first visit, I want to make a big impact. It won't cost $595 per person, and it won't cost $395 per person. Your small investment will be just $195 per employee, and yours is Free!

This very unique opportunity to get a Day At The _________ for just $195 per employee, and to get yours for Free will expire on ______________, or when we get all booked up (whichever comes first).

Call me right away to book your Day At The __________ before it's too late.

I look forward to meeting you :-)

Your Name

PS: How much is a confident, happy, and more productive staff to your bottom line?

PPS: You'll be a Hero in the eyes of your staff for rewarding them with this!

PPS: Remember, this discounted rate will expire on _______________.

If you need help let me know!

Tip: Send a second follow up letter to those that don't respond, and then follow up with a phone call.

If you target 100 businesses in a ten mile radius (and there's a lot more than that), and you get just one or two bookings, you'll make more than your small investment in this marketing technique.

Plus, you'll make even more from the repeat business you'll get from the bookings.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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