Mobile Phone Marketing Guide!

Mobile phone marketing is something that you should be spending some energy and marketing budget toward, because it's one of the fastest growing areas of local marketing alternatives.

According to research, people are going to use their phones for search more than they use their current computers.

The wonderful thing about mobile search is that most salons and spa's don't understand it, and are not investing in it. So there is a good opportunity for you to build your business using mobile phone marketing.

mobile phone landing page

Start Here:

First, you should sign up for Google Adwords and start a mobile phone marketing campaign. Google Adwords is Google's pay per click search engine, if you are not familiar with it. Using Google Adwords you can set up regular search engine pay per click campaigns (or cost per impression - cpm), and mobile search marketing campaigns.

Test an Admob campaign. Admob is owned by Google now, and they are a mobile phone marketing company. They place your ads in mobile phone apps and other mobile phone technologies. They are not like a Google Adwords pay per click search engine. Be very careful with this company because it can get expensive, and it's easy to set it up incorrectly. But it's worth testing.

The great thing about these mobile phone marketing tools is you can target your potential clients locally. More so with Google Adwords. With Google Adwords you can target to specific area codes or counties. With Admob you can only drill down to a city. So if you are in a small town you'll have to target the closest large city.

Before you set up a mobile phone marketing campaign you'll need to have a mobile optimized landing page and or website. You don't want to send your prospects to a regular website because it will look terrible. So create one on your own, or get a web designer to do it for you. But don't get ripped off! Building a mobile website should not be more than $400, and not more than $25 per month to host it. You may even find someone who can do it for less (like us!). Building one temporary or test landing page on your current site should not be more than $99 (again, this is temporary).

Your landing page can be as simple as the example about (to the right), or it can be more dynamic. But usually the more dynamic you get the worse your conversion rates are. At most I would have an introductory video in addition to the name and email capture. Or, have a more traditional mobile website that has a 'Contact', 'Coupon', 'Directions', and 'About Us'. But with a simple home page similar to the landing page above. This is the direction we are moving in...

Tests show that people who search on mobile phones not only look for local businesses, but they can also be very good customers. In other words, they like to spend money. So get your feet wet in the wonderful world of mobile phone marketing now. You'll be glad you did.

If you need assistance with your mobile website let us know. Or, if you want a guide to setting up your Google Adwords and Admob campaign, let us know as well.

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