5 Ways To Get Positive Reviews For Your Salon!

Get positive reviews and you'll get a constant stream of new traffic to your salon or spa: In order to grow your salon or spa business and drive more traffic to your site and brick and mortar location, the savvy salon and spa owner must be proactive about receiving positive reviews. One negative review posted on the internet can be seen by thousands of potential as well as current customers. Some will believe the bad review, and it can hurt your business considerably.

Ask For It:

Encourage your staff be proactive and ask the customer: "Did you have a good experience?" If so ask him/her to write a review. "Do you mind taking a few moments to write a short review of your impressions of our business?" Offer the customer an incentive such as a coupon for a free shampoo on their next visit.


Provide an incentive even if the customer doesn't write a review. Give the incentive first and then ask for the review. More like 'do me a favor?' Even if the customer declines to give an appraisal of your business at that time encourage her to return for all her beauty needs. An incentive such as a coupon for $5.00 off to add highlights to her hair might make her reconsider writing the evaluation. She may log on later and answer your questionnaire then.

Include A Computer in Your Waiting Area:

By adding a computer to your waiting area, many of your customers will probably be willing to sit down at some point and answer a few simple questions about their experience in your store. This gives the customer something to do while waiting such as for a beauty treatment in a salon.

The header could read something like this:

"We are proud of our new beauty emporium and we want to make every effort to create an enjoyable experience. Please take a minute to answer a few questions to let us know how we are satisfying your beauty needs."

Ask about four or five multiple choice questions that the customer only has to point the mouse and click on the correct answers.

Once the customer has completed the survey and they hit the enter key, and then you can redirect them to one of the top review sites. Better yet, link them to a sign up page to receive your coupon in their email and or their smart phone. Then follow up with a coupon and a request for a review.

The other option is to simply provide directions on writing a review and have icons for the top reviews sites on the desktop. Have four step written directions on what to do. But the sign should say something like, "Free Gift!" And then tell them how to get it by writing a review...

  • Click on one of the reviews sites (name them).
  • Sign up for an account if you don't have one.
  • Write a positive review.
  • Show it to our staff member for a special (name of gift).

QR Code Review Page:

The use of QR codes to increase traffic to a website is becoming extremely popular, and you can use it to get positive reviews as well.

The code was originally designed by Toyota to keep track of their parts inventory, but, has since found its way into the mainstream of business around the world.

The code is a black and white square with smaller squares in three corners and squiggly lines that look something like ancient hieroglyphics.

The QR code works in a similar way to a UPC code except customers who have camera phones with the app downloaded can photograph the QR Code posted in the store, and instantly be connected to the business's website. They can receive information about the business such as address, phone number, hours of operation, and a quick review of the quality of service they have received.

Build Your E-mail List:

Build your list with an auto responder or send an email to your client list. Ask for the positive review. By keeping in touch with your customers they are more likely to return to your business for their future needs. By sending auto responder emails, you can check with your customer to see if they would like to schedule an appointment. For example: A beauty salon could send a customer an email reminding her that she hasn't been in for a spa treatment lately and prompt her to schedule an appointment online.

You can also update the customer on the latest happenings in your business. For example: We are pleased to announce that Becky has joined our team as a manicurist.

Online Reviews - What Not to Do:

If you agree to write a review of a business, be sure to be truthful and professional. If something upset you, then remain calm tell the story in a non-accusatory way. It is not considered to be okay to try to spam the business or use profanity. Tell what happened, and the efforts that the staff made to correct the situation. If you refused their compromise solution, tell why in an honest forthright way. In most cases, the business will make every effort to correct the situation, but, perhaps they are bound by laws and ethics to refuse the solution that you feel is justified.

Fake Reviews - Pros and Cons:

Unfortunately, it happens to the most ethical businesses. Some people feel the need to destroy a legitimate business with phony reviews. These can be posted on Google, Yelp, and other review sites. The business owner is then left with the nightmare of trying to regain the reputation that fought so hard to achieve. There is little the business owner can do to fight this type of slander. Legal action is slow, and expensive, and eats up time that the business owner needs to keep their business afloat.

While these unethical practices might temporarily drive business to the competitor who posted the negative comments, their business practices will become apparent very soon to the new customers.

Negative reviews can harm a business, even if they are untrue. But, what does it say about the business that created the bad reviews in order to ruin the competitor's business?

Handling Negative Reviews:

Apparently, there isn't much recourse with review sites. Most will either ignore the request from the business owner to have it removed or they will demand a court order. The best solution that most of these sites will offer is to have satisfied customers write positive reviews. This will push the negative review to the bottom where it is unlikely anyone will ever read it.

Getting positive reviews for your salon includes a number of factors including excellent customer service and caring. Asking for feedback from your customers is a good way to evaluate your service techniques and give your customers the care and attention they deserve.

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