Salon QR Code Marketing Basics!

A salon QR Code Marketing? What the heck is that?

The phrase QR code sounds a little techy and maybe a little intimidating. But you need to be familiar with it and use it in your salon marketing.

Here is what a QR code looks like...


What you do is scan this image into your phone (using a qr code reader), and it directs you to whatever the QR code owner created.

You can download a QR code reader here.

Japan has been using QR codes for years now. You will see them in everything from hats and t-shirts, direct mail, to giant billboards.

USA is just starting to use them in major advertising campaigns.

Small businesses are just starting to use it in their marketing. For example, a simple technique is to use a sticker version of it and put it on your door for window shoppers and tire kickers to scan. You can get one from Google Places which will redirect the scan to your Google Places coupon, website, or video.

Or, you can choose to have a QR code created to redirect the scan to anything you want. All you need to do is put the URL in to this tool that you want your client or prospect to be redirect to, and then put the QR code on the appropriate marketing piece.

As you know by now, mobile phone marketing is fast becoming as important as internet and offline marketing for salon's and spa's.

Remember back in the late nineties when texting was literally unknown the the United States? But then in a few years it was taking off like gang busters and is now used more than the actual phone. People hardly even talk anymore! Well, back in the late nineties Japan was deep into texting, and Europe was close behind.

So if you want to see what the next trend is in Mobile phones, browsing, and even marketing, take a look at what Japan is doing. And QR code marketing is Huge.

I am studying and testing different mobile phone marketing and qr code marketing ideas and I am going to share them with you...

Be sure you are on my salon marketing mini course list because I am working on a guide to using Mobile phone marketing and qr code marketing to build your client base fast!

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