Spa and Salon Business Cards And Getting Clients!

hair salon business cardsHere are some helpful tips on salon business cards and where to get good ones at very cheap prices...

Hair styling and beauty is really an artistic profession, as much so as that of a painter or sculptor. And that said, your clients really expect you to have an innate sense of style and good taste. There can be nothing more disastrous, for example, than for a hairstylist to hand out salon business cards that are printed in black and white, stark, dreary, and looking like something a lawyer's office would throw away. It would be a complete disaster.

Side Bar: Best place to get good cheap business cards for your salon or spa (up to 80% off!) Remember, a salon business card is a very real symbol of the work you do - of yourself. It needs to possess a spirit of freshness and to put across to a client just how good you are at what you do. Remember that you probably hand out a card BEFORE a client has used your services, so you really have to put across with your card how good you are.

And after a client uses your services, a good business card still stands as a reminder to them of the kind of work you did and the satisfaction you delivered.

spa business cardThe first thing you have to do when designing your salon business card is to work out your target audience. Is is a younger or a more mature crowd. It's possible to make a business card VERY original, depending on the kind of service you supply.

If you work with a younger set of people, perhaps your clientele comes to you mainly to get the highlights in their hair done. Well then, how about a card in the shape of a sketched head, with a swatch of dyed hair incorporated into it, and done in fresh, glowing color. The entire salon business card can be an image, and you can put all the necessary information on the back, or it could be a folding card with the information on the inside. It's the kind of thing that will really appeal to a younger set of people.

On the other hand, if you cater instead to older people who come to you to work on coloring their gray hair, you need an entirely different salon business cards. Here you'll need a card that reflects a more mature and sophisticated work place, as well as reflecting the kind of work that you do. Most of all, your card needs to be more reserved - to give this sort of clientele the kind of card that would appeal to the more 'hip' crowd would be professional disaster.

What you need is a card where a sophisticated shade of gray blends over the card into black - the card starts out gray at the top and fades to black at the bottom. And some lovely little elegant sketch on it in silver, with the words on it in the same color. This sort of card will be a business statement of elegance and grace.

I'm sure that this makes all sorts of ideas come to mind. Remember to focus on your audience, on your clientele, and to tailor any card to suit them. This is crucially important. And it's also equally important to consider the use you're going to put the card to. For example, you can have a different card to hand out to people you've just met who are potential clients - and another one to hand out to people just leaving your establishment after using your services.

The latter could have an invitation to come again, and even an appointment card on the back - or have a free sachet of shampoo or lotion attached. Pamper the client, make them feel special, but most of all, make them feel that you are the last word in style, elegance and good taste. Because your success depends on their opinion.

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