Salon Contest Ideas!

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Salon contests are an excellent way to not only expand your clientle, but you keep your present clients interested and excited about coming to you. The important thing is to keep each contest that you hold fresh and different - if you do the very same thing every month, again and again, it won't be long before everyone is bored of it, and no one pays much attention any more. So originality is key.

A hair salon is hardly the conventional kind of business, in that clients place a great deal of trust in their stylists. The 'look' a stylist gives a customer is something that will identify their image very definitively. If it's a very special hair styling done for a single important event, the look you give the customer will identify and crystallize their image for that event. If it's a more long-term haircut and styling, it will be their 'look' for a long time to come.

My point is that patronizing a hair salon represents a deep expression of trust and faith on the part of a client, which means that while expanding the client-base of your hair salon can be more difficult than for many other businesses, once established, that client-base will be all but unshakable.

I'll be suggesting one or two salon contest ideas right in this article, so you can start with those at once.

A sure-fire way to come up with wonderful salon contest ideas is to invite some close friends and really old time customers who've also become friends to a little party, and discuss salon contest ideas with them. This can be an amazing way of coming up with exceptional contest ideas, get clients involved (which will increase referrals), especially if you are all people who know and like each other. If you find that one or two of these people have even more original ideas than usual, go all out to cultivate your relationship with them - they are original thinkers, and will probably have dozens of ideas to help you improve your business.

One interesting ideas for a hair salon contest is a make-over contest. Splash flyers and banners all over the city, or at the very least in local newspapers and in local cable networks - or even have people distribute leaflets at your local malls. If you can tie a local T.V. network or talk show in with your contest that would be just perfect, of course, but it may not always be possible. Do what's possible, and make the very best of what you have - very often you'll find that the resources you have at your disposal will still be adequate if you channel them into advertising, and remember that each expansion of your business puts more resources at your disposal.

Salon Contest

For your make-over contest, you can have people send in pictures of themselves, and have them write what they'd like done, or even what they would like to express with their appearance. Have them talk about why they want the makeover. You can even have the contest applications impromptu at small events sited at local malls and supermarkets. Select those who you feel have the potential for the most spectacular makeovers.

And give less detailed styling at some greatly reduced rate to every single person who enters for the contest - this will massively enhance your customer base.

Make the makeovers themselves a public show or event, if at all possible. Again, malls and supermarkets are the best places for this sort of thing, because it maximizes exposure and increases the chance of attracting prospective customers. Have a reporter from a local fashion magazine at the event if it's at all possible. T.V. coverage is best, of course, and is sometimes possible, especially if you can attract the attention of a show that is focused on fashion.

There are actually lots of salon contest ideas if you think about it - another very good example would be an 'out-of-date' hairstyle contest. Make sure that people can only enter themselves - and you'll be amazed at the number of entries that you'll get.

Ultimately, translating the people who enter into your contests into clients depends on you giving a styling of some sort to virtually every person who enters for the contest, not necessarily for free, but at least at a highly reduced price. If they like your work, they'll come again. And again. And again. And your salon will become a recognized establishment in the mind set of your city.

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