10 Salon Marketing Ideas

salon marketingIf you'd like to make the most out of your salon marketing budget, youll want to have a look at these 10 salon marketing ideas.

Salon Marketing Idea #1. Test printing flyers, sales letters, specials, and announcements on goldenrod paper. Studies have shown that it has a significantly higher response than any other color paper.

Salon Marketing Idea #2. Every person who works in your salon needs to have their own business cards. It ads a professional touch all the way around and it's a good way to promote your salon. They don't have to be fancy.

Salon Marketing Idea #3. Use referral cards on your existing clients. Tell them to hand them out to friends and family and when those individuals make an appointment and bring in the card your client gets something "free." It's an amazing form of salon marketing that has no real cost associated with it until it actually brings up new business.

Salon Marketing Idea #4. Spend time working with groups within the community. You might put on a free seminar for a women's group, you might offer spa services, or makeovers to cancer survivors, or you might simply speak to a local group. It takes very little of your time, costs very little, and provides significant marketing impact.

Salon Marketing Idea #5. Gift certificates are an excellent marketing tool. They are very affordable to print, and they make great gifts, bringing yet another new client into your salon.

Salon Marketing Idea #6. Give away products. If you have products that aren't selling very well, use them in your salon marketing by giving them away to promote your salon.

Salon Marketing Idea #7. Sponsor events throughout the year. Non profits are always looking for help and you can pick the charitable causes you'd like to sport. There is excellent value in this type of salon marketing.

Salon Marketing Idea #8. Follow up with new clients. The first time a client visits your salon you should follow up within 48 hours to see if they were happy with their experience. This has amazing value because those clients not only come back they tell all their friends about your great follow up service. Word of Mouth is free!

Salon Marketing Idea #9. Make your own version of air miles. In other words each time a client visits they should earn point or dollars that they can use in the future.

Salon Marketing Idea #10. How to books - What a great salon marketing tool. They provide credibility, add to your professionalism, and provide the client with valuable information. You can sell them for a few dollars or simply give them away.

These 10 salon marketing ideas are a great start to your marketing now and in the future.

Comments On This Salon Marketing Ideas Articles:

Amy Bennefield: Awesome information! I currently use some of the ideas(implemented them over the past couple of months) and already see a difference. Will be starting on the other ones NOW!

Susan: Thank you for your encouragement and for your tips. I appreciate them very much. Hope the New Year brings everyone peace, prosperity, and joy!

Nicole: I think its awesome and hope I will be getting more tips like this in my inbox. Thanks!

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