"Why Salon Newsletters Will Help You Grow Your Business!"

My name is Brian Maroevich and my wife and I use salon newsletters to increase sales, and build customer loyalty. Here's why it works so well...

Did you know that for every month that you do not contact your clients or prospects you lose 10% of the influence you have over them?

It's true. For example, after 10 months of no significant contact (keyword 'significant') you lose 100% of your influence. In other words, they have completely forgotten about you or they will be influenced by the next salon who enters their 'radar'.

So the key is to stay in touch in a significant way, and do it at least monthly. You might be thinking, 'Well I email my clients so that's good enough, and it's cheap!' No doubt about it, email marketing is a strategy that you must have in your salon marketing toolbox.

I Love Email Marketing But It Has Weaknesses:

1) The industry 'open rate' (how many people open an email) is just 20%. This is not good. As a result it's important to incorporate several strategies so that you are sure to be 'top of mind' when it comes time for your prospect or client to book an appointment.

2) It's not a significant contact. In other words, an email is not the most personable experience a client or prospect is going to have with you. It's better than nothing, and there are ways to make it more personable, but in general email marketing is not as significant as direct mail.

Side Bar: The best contact is a face to face meeting where the client or prospect comes to your salon and has a great experience. But that doesn't count right now because our goal with all of our salon marketing strategies is to get them into the salon or spa.

Are Salon Newsletters the Solution?

One of the best solutions to getting a consistent and significant contact with your clients is to use salon marketing newsletters. You can't rely on just one marketing strategy!

When you send regular salon newsletters to your client base you establish a much closer bond with your clients and prospects, and they will always keep you top of mind.

Secondly, you will become the expert in your area because your newsletters should contain good advice on hair, and skin care.

Think About This For a Moment...

If you need your kitechen remodeled, who are you going to contact firs? the contractor from the Yellow Pages or Yelp? Or the quality guy or gal who sends you a newsletter with home improvement tips?

And when you combine newsletter marketing and email marketing (along with your other methods of marketing to your client base), you will get exceptional results.

Get your client newsletters in the hands of your clients starting today. It's really easy!

Salon Newsletter Sample:

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salon newsletter sample 1

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salon newsletter 2

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salon newsletter 3

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salon newsletter 4

Our salon marketing newsletters come in Microsft Word so you can change them any way you want. So if you want to add text, change text, delete text, change the formatting, change or put in new images, or if you want to include a coupon or an offer (which you should), you can do so very easily. And you get 12 of them to work with! Read more about our newsletters or order here.

Brian Maroevich
Salon Owner


PS: By the way, we use client newsletters and our clients love them. If we miss a month people start asking when the next issue is coming. And it's fun too!

PPS: You can even hand them out and leave them on the waiting room table for walk ins and clients waiting for their appointment!

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