Salon Package Ideas!

Coming up with salon package ideas can be a challenge if you don't know where to start. But let me make is easier for you.

A salon package is much more appealing when the difference in price of a single service versus buying a package of services is made obvious. As a result, upselling a customer to a larger package is much easier.

OK, so that is pretty obvious to most salon owners and managers. Here's a salon package idea to test...

I got this idea from studying mail order companies. They got people to buy expensive items through the mail, and made it into a science.

Most salons show their single service price first, and that is fine. But a mistake that most salon and spa owners make (in my opinion) is showing the next package price first and then then next, etc. etc. until the highest price is last.

Try doing the exact opposite. Show the single salon service price, and then show the most expensive package first, etc. etc.

You may find that more people buy larger packages because they see the most expensive price first, and this psychologically gets them thinking that the middle to higher priced packages aren't so bad.

Here is a simple example using Tanning as the service:

  • Single Tan: $15
  • Package of 5: $69
  • Package of 10: $99
  • Package of 20: $129

Now reverse the order:

  • Package of 20: $129
  • Package of 10: $99
  • Package of 5: $69
  • Single Tan: $15

Your list will be larger and the impact will be greater, psychologically. But I am willing to bet that a few more customers will buy the $99 using the salon package idea we are discussing. But if you used the usual technique you might have more people settling for either a single tan or the $49 level (in this example).

Like I said, this is a simplified example to help you in your salon package ideas.

4 More Salon Package Ideas and Tips:

  1. list more packages
  2. Have a very expensive one first: 100 Tans, 50 Hair Cuts, 50 Massages, 75 Pedicures. Show the price. The higher the price of the first one or two packages, the less the others seem. And someone will buy the very expensive package.
  3. Show the dollar savings in addition to the price of each package: 20 Hair Cuts $499.............You Save $399.
  4. Use Zeros to really make an impact when showing the savings. Don't use zeros when you show the price: How To Save $399.00!
  5. Test This: Show the breakdown in terms of the price per service as the package size increases instead of the overall savings. Which one works better?

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