Salon Postcard Marketing Case Study!!

I recently received an email from a Renegade Salon Marketing customer that really made my day. It was from the owners of Basin East Salon. Here is a revised version of the email so that you can see for yourself how effective upsells can be using direct mail salon postcard marketing.

They recently ran a Groupon promotion and had a tremendous result. But what really propelled the offer was their upsell...

Just wanted to let you know that we ran a Groupon promotion in November and had a TON of success. We made $14,000 in one day! We sold the certificates and then ran a follow up postcard mailer to those who came in have been seeing steady return visits from those people. Plus we've been upselling many of the people to a new nail product we just started carrying. We also saw a bunch of new signups on our website and have them in our auto-responder program sending out various promotions. Here is our postcard that we used for the follow up.

Front of Salon Postcard:
salon postcard

Back of Salon Postcard:
hair salon postcard

"In terms of the groupon promotion, we offered a manicure/pedicure combination offer that normally retails for $70. We sold it for $35. Then, once people came in we had them fill out an intake form, allowing us to gather their name, email, and address. Once they left we sent the postcard out immediately with the offer."

Here's Why The Marketing I Teach
(Follow Up Offers With A Deadline) Are So Important:

"In terms of the upsell, we started carrying a new product called Gelish and have seen a ton of demand. Since the people coming in have already paid Groupon with their credit card, it's nothing for them to spend an extra $15 for us to apply the Gelish product. So not only do we have the sale from Groupon, but we're also getting another sale when they use the Gelish. It's been a great promotion (Groupon) for us as a stand alone - but then when you combine it with the upsell plus repeat business it's been awesome! Only one salon! We were worried about the initial rush but it's been pretty easy to manage. About 20% have redeemed in the first 2 months so it's been fairly steady and not crazy. Our salon is in a good location and convenient to homes and businesses. As you'd expect we pulled primarily within a 5 mile radius of the salon."

Ann Marie Houck Owner & Stylist Basin East Salon

How To Potentially Improve It!

20% is a very good result. Can we improve upon it? It's worth testing, but 20% is not something to mess with so my only suggestion would be to:
  1. Send this salon postcard again. If you are getting a 20% response rate then don't change and thing a send it to all non-responders.

  2. Send a second postcard with a 'Last Chance' or 'Final Notice' several days before the deadline date.

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