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"Unique Testimonial Strategy For Salon and Spa Owners!"

This proven testimonial marketing technique is one of my favorite promotions because it helps your business in many ways. You're going to love it... But before I describe the technique, here's why testimonials are one of the most important parts of your salon and spa marketing: Potential clients care what other people have to say about your salon or spa more than what you have to say about it. But before you run out and get testimonials, here's the right way to get them and use them in your marketing...

Testimonial Marketing Part 1

There are good testimonials and bad ones. A good testimonial will address specific benefits. If you can get 5 or 6 that each address different benefits and help overcome common objections to coming to your salon, you have hit the jackpot (and I'm going to show you how to do exactly that). Here is an example of a bad testimonial: "ABC salon is great and the staff is very helpful". J. Manfield Here are examples of good testimonials:
  • "I lost 9 pounds and took 4 inches off my waist from one ABC Salon body wrap session!" Jenny Manfield, Anytown, CA.
  • "I went into ABC salon because I was tired of paying $100 for a lousy hair cut. For less than that I got the best hair cut and highlights I've ever had, and my hair is easier to manage too!" Jenny Manfield, Anytown, CA.
  • "ABC's spray tan is the best thing I've done in a long time. I felt very comfortable, and the staff made it really easy. Best of all, my tan looks natural and I feel like a million bucks!" Jenny Manfield, Anytown, CA.
Notice the difference? They are like night and day and they make you want to go to the salon. Also, notice how I used the full name as well? Never use a testimonial without the full name. Or, at least avoid it at all costs. There are few exceptions because people won't believe the testimonials are real if they do not have the full name, city or state.

Testimonial Marketing Part 2

To make your testimonials really rock use a picture of your client next to the testimonial. And if you can do a before and after shot of your client, use that as well (this requires more work in terms of taking the picture but it is worth it. More on this later). In addition, bold the best part of the testimonial like this...
  • "ABC's spray tan is the best thing I've done in a long time. I felt very comfortable, and the staff made it really easy. Best of all, my tan looks natural and I feel like a million bucks!" Jenny Manfield, Anytown, CA.
So How Do You Get Good Testimonials?
The best way to get quality testimonials with pictures is to have a testimonial contest:
  • Write a letter that describes why you are having a testimonial contest and what the client needs to do in order to enter and potentially win.
  • Provide 3 prizes. First, Second, and Third place.
  • Include a form with your letter for your clients to write their testimonial and also sign where they agree to let you use their testimonial in your marketing.
  • Send a second letter that is 7 days before the deadline date. This is where you will get a surge of testimonials. People forget and need to be reminded.
Now you have a bunch of great testimonials with pictures to use in your marketing!

But we are not done yet...

Testimonial Marketing Part 3

Now it's time to create a marketing piece that uses these testimonials. And that is the great thing about this strategy. Your clients have already written your marketing piece for you -- the testimonials! The most important part of any marketing piece is your headline. So all you have to do is find the best part of your best testimonial and use it as your headline.
  • Below the headline put in the entire testimonial you took it from along with the picture of your client.
  • Include other testimonials below it, and then include a compelling offer and/or coupon.
That's it! You can now use these testimonials for all kinds of marketing pieces and on your website. This salon testimonial marketing strategy will work for you for many many years to come.

To get simple step by step directions to get testimonials (including the actual letters and request form) and then use them to create some of the best marketing pieces you'll use in your salon or spa go here now. All you have to do is follow a few steps, put your salon information on the letters and mail them, and voila! Testimonials start pouring in!

Side Bar: I did not include using email or your website to get testimonials. I did not include these internet techniques because direct mail gets the most impact and it works so well for us that we have more testimonials than we can handle from this one strategy alone (I'll cover using the internet in another article).

But here's what you can do with this salon testimonial marketing strategy: announce that you are had a testimonial contest on your facebook page and your blog and post all the pictures and testimonials for your clients and potential clients to read. This alone with increase curiosity, unique visitors, and the most important part -- Sales!

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