Thank You Marketing and Growing Your Salon!

Thank you marketing? Can it really increase your sales?

Side Bar: I watched a few episodes of Spartacus and the way they say thank you is, "Gratitude". I like the way it sounds :-)

Anyway, I digress...

This time of year reminds me, more than any other time how thankful I am for what I have. And it's because of my customers both in our retail salon and spa business, and my online consulting business that makes it happen. Gratitude.

Gratitude for being a subscriber and customer...

The handwritten thank you card, or thank you marketing, can double your sales!

thank you marketing

Salon and Spa owners are focused on getting new business as fast as they can and therefore lose focus on what is important: a close bond with their customer.

If you create a close bond with your customer you achieve something that very few businesses can. You get a loyal fan that buys more salon and spa services, and refers their friends and family more often.

Maybe the most effective tool to achieve this (including newsletters and promotions) is thank you marketing using a handwritten thank you card.

I know that thank you marketing (the right way) works because I've been using this method for 17 years.

The simplest way to get started is to send a handwritten thank you card to every new customer that walks in the door. If you have a lot of foot traffic then choose the ones that spend the most that day or have the most potential to spend money and refer new business.

Your staff has time on their hands so get them busy writing thank you notes to their customers. Explain to them how much more money they can make by doing so (assuming you give commission). Or make it part of their daily routine.

I recommend sending a thank you marketing note to your clients that does not contain any promotional material or offers. Because you will have the thank you marketing system described here already installed that does this for you. In other words you will do this handwritten thank you card marketing technique as well as a thank you postcard or letter that has an offer as described in this video.

This way if you choose to send a handwritten thank you card to your top new customers every customer gets the thank you card with the offer. Does that makes sense?

Your top customers will get a 'wow' experience from this and all your customers will feel important as well. Very important!

Sit down right now and write 2-5 thank you marketing cards to your clients. You will feel good about yourself and your clients will love you for it. Don't get caught up on putting out 'fires' or paperwork. Just do it now, and then continue to do it every day.

Side Bar: If you can't do it every day schedule two or three times a week that your staff and or yourself take 15-30 minutes and only write thank you cards.