9 Unique Marketing Ideas
(For The Slow Season or Any Season)!

Unique Marketing Idea #1: Bundle Offer - Bundle your own services into one special package and offer it at a discount. Contact all your customers via direct mail, email, Facebook, Twitter, and text message marketing and let them know this special bundle is only available for 1-3 days. Contact them again on the last day and let them know it's expiring. For example, if you are a spa you could offer:

  • Massage $99
  • Body Wrap $99
  • Facial $79
  • Manicure - Pedicure $49

  • Regular Price: $326
  • Discounted Price: $149
  • Savings: $177

This is an example, but if you present an offer similar to this you could get a surge in sales from your customer base. In addition you can have a contest where your employees are encouraged to offer this bundle and the top 3 sales people will receive something special from you!

Example Headline:

Would You Spend $149 for $326 Worth Of Spa Treatments?

Unique Marketing Idea #2: Text Message Marketing - If you have a text message marketing list (and you should), send out a text message for a very special deal on the slowest days of the week. Do it for that day. Not the next day, not a week later. For example:

Name Of Salon - 25% off any (name of service) today only. Show this message at counter on or before 5pm today!


Name of Salon - Buy 1 (name of service or product) Get 1 Free, today only! Show this message at counter on or before 5pm today!

If you don't have a text message marketing service set up for your business and you want help, contact me now for a discount on my SMS text message marketing services.

Unique Marketing Idea #3: Joint Venture Bundle Offer - Get three or four other business to bundle a services package together along with one of your better salon services and offer it with special bundled pricing, split the profits. But here is the best part - you now get new customers added to your list from the other businesses when they come into your salon.

So what you are really doing is buying access to the other businesses clients! For example you can get a nail salon, hair salon, massage therapist, gym, spa, personal trainer - whatever you think would be related to your particular salon services.

Approach these businesses and sell them on the benefits of bundle pricing, and getting new customers they wouldn't otherwise have.

Unique Marketing Idea #4: Have a Girls Night Out - Contact all your clients and invite them to an after hours night out. You can start at your salon, and have some finger food and refreshments. Provide a free massage by the minute for each of your clients. From there before you go over the itinerary you can mention that all services are half off tonight, and include deals on retail products as well. Then, get together and go over what your plans are for the night. You could simply head over for dinner, and then after dinner go to a night club, movie, or show.

Unique Marketing Idea #5: Attend Wedding Trade shows - In or near your area there are wedding shows going on and the trade show producers want vendors. These wedding trade shows usually run 2 or 3 times per year. Here's what you do:

  • Buy space at the trade show
  • Have a special bridal package ready for purchase at your booth. Give special pricing for that day only
  • Mail and/or email the trade show attendee list (give them an incentive to visit your booth)
  • Mail and/or email the trade show attendee list after the show (give them another offer to visit your salon)

Unique Marketing Idea #6: Contact Clients - Since your staff has some down time, get them away from the magazines and Facebook and have them sit down to write thank you notes to clients. Have them personally write a note on stationary or a thank you card and mail it. This will build rapport and make them feel special. As a result you will increase response to your marketing. In addition they will buy more and refer more over time.

Unique Marketing Idea #7: Parents Night Out - Contact a quality day care center and arrange a night for your parent clients to bring their children in for 2-4 hours while they go to your salon and have a special night at your salon. Include an the option to go to dinner afterwards. The parents will love you for it because it's so hard to get a night out for many parents. Use this along with the Girls Night Out idea as well.

You can also do this off site. Arrange a large room at a local restaurant for the parents to have dinner, and include as part of the night out to sample products and make a special offer for that night only.

Unique Marketing Idea #8: Facebook Coupon Marketing - Get a simple Facebook fan page Built* that offers a coupon when they prospect or client 'Likes' your fan page (make sure that the coupon offer is the first page people see when they go to your Fan Page).

Buy local traffic from Facebook Advertising and direct them to your fan page.

We can build this for you. Let me know if it interests you.

Unique Marketing Idea #9: Employee Spa Day - Contact businesses in your area and send them a marketing letter that encourages them to provide their employees a 'Day At The Spa'. Explain the benefits of having this 'Day At The Spa' for their employees: Happier Employees are more loyal, and are more productive! (Get this letter for just $3.95 here).

Also provide special pricing on a bundle of packages to choose from for their 'Day At The Spa'.

If you don't have spa services, that's OK! You can still offer your services and invite other independent professionals in the area to provide bonus services like massage, facials, manicures etc.

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